Researcher surveys

Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) and Principal Investigators’ and Research Leaders’ Survey (PIRLS) 

The Careers in Research Online Survey ('CROS') and the Principal Investigators' and Research Leaders' Survey ('PIRLS') are online surveys run nationally every two years and sponsored by Vitae, the professional association for researchers in the UK. The surveys are aimed at researchers at all levels and those who take part have the opportunity not only to contribute to the national data set and therefore national debates on researcher futures but also to offer feedback to the University on the experience of being a researcher and/or a research leader at Oxford.

We are looking into a number of areas flagged up by the surveys to ensure that we are doing all we can to meet the needs of researchers at Oxford. Of course, the surveys in themselves do not provide the whole picture but are a useful starting point for those supporting researchers, as well as researchers themselves, to think about what more can be done to create a culture and context in which researchers of all levels feel supported, encouraged, and valued. The Research Staff Working Group has designated two themes arising from the results as areas of key focus for the coming year: management and leadership, and personal development review. We are working closely with Oxford Research Staff Society (OxRSS) to define in more detail what we can do to support you in these areas.

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The survey reports have been written with a range of audiences in mind to make the results as useful as possible, so you can view CROS and PIRLS results in a variety of ways: