Welcome to the Oxford Learning Institute. We are one of the main staff training departments for the University. 

The Oxford Learning Institute is changing. Please read more here…

Change programme: Oxford Learning Institute and Academic IT

In January 2019, it was announced that the Oxford Learning Institute (OLI) and Academic IT will no longer operate as distinct units from August this year.  A change programme is currently underway which will result in the creation of the following units from 1 August:

  • A Centre for Teaching and Learning will be created within the Academic Administration Division. This will incorporate Academic IT’s teaching and learning teams (currently in IT Services), and the Educational Development Group from the OLI 
  • The People and Organisational Development team will be the new name for the Professional Development Group at the OLI, which will report to the Director of HR

Academic IT’s Educational Media team and Research Support Service have move to IT Services’ Customer Services Group and Infrastructure Services teams respectively.

About the new units

People and Organisational Development

People and Organisational Development (POD) will contribute to people development strategy across the University, working strategically with partners such as Personnel Services, the Equality and Diversity Unit, and Athena SWAN leads.

It will design, deliver, advise on and commission personal development workshops and programmes and coaching and mentoring schemes for all staff groups.

For leaders and managers, it will offer face to face and online learning, including bespoke for divisions. It also offer a range of practical support to leaders and managers, including consultancy on your management challenges (e.g. team building, performance, communications) and guidance on tackling change at the group, team or departmental level.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will support all those who teach at the University of Oxford. It will promote inclusive teaching practices that are relevant to Oxford's unique learning environment. ​​ It will offer a range of courses, support and services, including: ​​

  • Accredited programmes in teaching and learning in Higher Education​
  • Digital tools, training and technical support ​
  • Online courses and resources​​
  • Consultancy for course and programme design (including blended and online)​
  • Networks and events for sharing teaching practices​

Next steps

There will be no differences to the OLI or Academic IT provision at this stage, and you will be alerted as and when there are changes to any services.  The OLI and Academic IT will continue to exist until 31 July 2019, and they will continue to provide and support their existing services after that date. The new names will be phased in over several months.