Development programmes

You will find the information in this section of interest if:

  • You are engaged in management or administration, whether as part of an academic or research role or as an administrator or specialist professional
  • You are interested in professional or vocational development for yourself or your staff.

Developing Leadership and Management Practice

The Developing Leadership and Management Practice programme aims to develop and integrate participants’ knowledge and skills in management and leadership. It is designed to encompass the variety of middle-management roles within the university, and emphasizes self-development and the strategic elements of management. Participants are likely to include departmental, faculty and divisional administrators and experienced specialist managers in central administration or services, between grades 8 and 10.

Developing Management Skills at Oxford (formerly titled as Introduction to Management)

The Developing Management Skills at Oxford programme introduces participants to practical skills in, and knowledge about, management, and is aimed primarily at ‘first-line managers’ – that is, staff with management responsibilities, where the staff they manage do not themselves manage any other staff. Participants may be fairly new to their management role and/or not had any previous management training. Such staff may not always be formally acknowledged as managers (e.g. in their job titles), but will recognise that some, if not all, of their work involves managing people, resources, tasks, processes or projects.

Introduction to Management Skills at Oxford (formerly titled as Essentials of Management)

The Introduction to Management Skills at Oxford workshop covers over one day the core skills of managing people and the topics that most new managers find challenging; delegating work, giving and receiving feedback to encourage achievement and motivate and essential communication skills.

Managing Yourself

A new programme, Managing Yourself, complements the Learning Institute’s existing management and leadership development provision, and provides people with some of the core skills for managing both themselves - including time and workload management - and managing relationships with colleagues. The seminars which form this programme are particularly aimed at and relevant for support staff, staff supervisors and first line managers.

Both new and experienced administrators will also find a number of sessions in the seminar programme of interest to them: for details see 'Courses'.

For women

Administrators and managers - whether women or men – should be aware of the two programmes designed specially for women.