Teaching ideas

This page offers a range of practical Oxford-specific teaching ideas that can be used in a variety of settings.

Giving effective feedback

Feedback can have a powerful influence on learning. This short resource offers three important questions to think about when composing feedback, and some ideas for effective face-to-face feedback.

Giving effective feedback (52kb)

17 ideas for making the most of collections and revision classes

This short resource gives some practical ideas for using collections and revision classes to prepare students for examinations and other summative assessments.

 17 ideas for making the most of collections and revision classes (109kb)

Developing students’ understanding of excellence in examined work: teaching and learning activities for the University of Oxford

This collection offers practical teaching ideas for supporting students to understand what makes excellent examined work, and the criteria by which they will be assessed. The collection includes examples of teaching from academics around the university, as well as activities specifically designed for the Oxford context. As departments set examinations, it is envisaged that they will take the lead on offering activities to students, but college tutors are welcome to use the ideas in their teaching.

Understanding excellence (646kb)