Programmes and courses

Preparing for Learning and Teaching at Oxford (PLTO)

PLTOs are intended for DPhil or postdoctoral researchers who wish to start teaching at the University. The PLTO is a half or one day workshop offered in your department, faculty or division.

PLTO workshops

Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT)

DLT is a short accredited programme for DPhil and postdoctoral researchers who are new to teaching at the University. The programme aims to develop your skills in teaching. You will attend workshops, undertake teaching activities, and submit a portfolio for assessment.

DLT programme

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCert LTHE)

The PGCert TLHE is a one-year, part-time programme for academic, teaching and research staff who are currently teaching at the University. The programme consists of a series of interactive workshops and aims to support you as a teacher in higher education and prepare you to design courses and modules.  

PGCert programme

Online courses and resources

We are developing a range of short, Oxford-specific online courses and resources to support those who teach at the University. These courses and resources are available using your Oxford Single Sign-On.