Networks and events

The Oxford Learning Institute is developing a range of networks and events for those who teach at Oxford. Our aims are to:

  • Create opportunities for those who teach to meet and discuss teaching with others from different Departments and Faculties
  • Provide forums to share teaching practices and new developments
  • Understand the interests and concerns of those who teach at the University

If you have any ideas for networks and events you would like to be involved with, please email us with your name, role and any specific interests. 

Oxford Digital Teaching Innovation Forum

The Oxford Digital Teaching Innovation Forum is academic-led and supported by Academic IT and the Oxford Learning Institute. This new forum is for tutors/lecturers to share and develop digital teaching practices. Termly meetings (chaired by Dr Sumathi Sekaran, senior course tutor, Oxford Online Programme for Sleep Medicine) are held in a physical location but participants are also be able to join via videoconferencing.  

The forum launched in April 2018 and plans to meet regularly (dates to be confirmed). Click for more information. To find out how to get involved contact us by email.

Teaching Network (Social Sciences and Humanities)

The Teaching Network is an open space to discuss teaching practices in Social Sciences and Humanities. The aim is to provide anyone who is interested in teaching at Oxford or currently teaching with support and the opportunity to share experiences. All interested are welcome to attend.

The Network is run jointly by the Oxford Learning Institute and the Social Sciences and Humanities Divisions.

Each session focuses on a different aspect of teaching and learning. Previous topics have included:

  • Teaching at Oxford
  • Diversifying the curriculum
  • Managing Your Teaching (DPhils and ECRs)
  • Object-Based Teaching

To find out more about the network contact Jane Taylor.