Bespoke workshops

If you and a group of colleagues would like to engage in development activities that take into account your precise context and aim to help you solve particular problems or make particular improvements in your setting, a bespoke activity organised for you by the Learning Institute may meet your needs. Educational development staff at the Learning Institute are experienced in a range of educational settings, active in research into higher education, and keep abreast of the latest research on topics related to teaching and learning, research education, and feedback and assessment.

If you can organise a group of 6 or more people interested in the same topic, the Educational Development team will create a workshop for you. The workshop will address the learning and teaching topic you wish to tackle and take place, by agreement, at a time and place to suit you.

We usually ask for a senior member of the department/ faculty or college to act as our contact person, giving advice about the context and specific variations in local requirements, that we may not be familiar with.

A workshop can be organised for:

  • A department or faculty
  • A group of departments or faculties
  • A college or PPH
  • An interdisciplinary group with common interests
  • A course team

The benefits of taking this route to develop staff capabilities in a particular area are:

  • course content with examples tailored to your own context , e.g. Physics examples used in Physics, Literature examples used in English or Modern Languages, etc;
  • case studies specifically selected to suit the topic and your subject area;
  • advance consultation with an experienced academic member of your team for the purpose of devising the programme and ensuring that we address any particular concerns you have.

Here are some examples of customised sessions we have run in the past.

Collegial conversations to help tutors in several Colleges, PPHs and one Faculty improve the usefulness of their Feedback to Students A workshop on Examining DPhil Students for academics in Medical Sciences who expect to become examiners in the near future
A workshop for a group of tutors in a College, aimed at developing the College's Tutorial Teaching ethos A workshop on Class Teaching for a Social Sciences department
Learning about Learning: A workshop for tutors and teachers on a new specialist doctoral programme A workshop on Threshold Concepts for a Science department
A Supervising DPhil Students seminar for new doctoral supervisors in a Medical Sciences department A workshop on Examining for a newly established Masters programme team in Social Sciences

To make an enquiry about a bespoke workshop for your group, please contact the Educational Development Administrator,  telephone: 01865 (2)86825.