Managing yourself

This series of workshops provides people with some of the core skills for managing both themselves - including time and workload management - and managing relationships with colleagues. The workshops are particularly aimed at and relevant for support staff, staff supervisors and first line managers.

Participants are encouraged to choose the components which are of most relevance and best meet their needs and sign up for them by clicking on the titles listed below:

Assertiveness: managing relationships in the workplace: this workshop aims to build confidence through discussions in pairs, groups, self-assessment and by practising real-life situations.

Time management for support staff and managers: This online course is for all staff and will help you to use a variety of tools and techniques to enable you to manage your time more effectively. 

Understanding and managing stress: for individuals: a range of self-help resources are available for staff to explore.

Managing upwards: this workshop aims to help individuals take steps towards a more effective working relationship with their manager.

Giving and receiving feedback: this seminar enables individuals to practise the necessary skills to give and receive feedback in a clear, positive and constructive manner.

Emotions at work: this online course enables individuals to take steps towards establishing a professional identity at work and to practise the skills needed to manage emotions positively.

Mindfulness for Health and Well-being: A 6-week course providing an in-depth exploration of mindfulness skills and techniques giving you the chance to experience how adopting a more mindful approach can lead to improved emotional well-being and a greater sense of calm and balance.