Academic leaders

This section is for:

  • Those who are in strategic academic leadership roles (e.g. Heads of Division, Pro-Vice Chancellors)
  • Those who are in other senior academic leadership roles (e.g. Heads of Department or Chairs of Faculty Boards)
  • Those who are soon to take up such positions or who are considering doing so

'Development Programmes' describes the support offered to individuals taking on the most senior strategic roles, the induction programme for departmental Heads and Faculty Board Chairs, and the Academic Leadership Development Programme for those who wish to explore academic leadership.

'Resources' gives links to information on key matters in the areas of personnel, finance, and planning and resource allocation.

Ad Feminam is a mentoring programme for women seeking individual support in approaching leadership roles. Those interested specifically in educational leadership may wish to consider programmes such as the Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching.

For short courses of possible interest, visit the Course list: by topic.