Administrators and managers

You will find the information in this section of interest if:

  • You are engaged in management or administration, whether as an academic or researcher, or as an administrator or specialist professional
  • You are interested in professional or vocational development for yourself or your staff.

The Institute offers an integrated suite of programmes to support those in the University who have responsibility for managing staff or projects as part of their role. These programmes, which are mostly targeted at administrative and support staff, are described in the section 'Development programmes'. Researchers taking on responsibility for managing a research group should consult the section PIs and DPhil supervisors. There are also short courses relating to management: see Course list: by topic.

Managing induction

The Managing induction page gives some guidance on how to induct new members of staff together with a large collection of links to policy, procedures and examples of good practice.

Personal Development Review (PDR)

The Institute works with individual departments to introduce personal development review (PDR) schemes for academic-related, research and support staff consistent with Oxford's values and institutional structures. The Institute can help departmental administrators design schemes appropriate to the local context and run briefing and skills training sessions. If you would like support in updating or relaunching an existing scheme or introducing a new scheme, or if you would like further information, please contact Bill Dunn

For women

For yourself or women colleagues whom you manage, you may also find relevant the Springboard personal development programme for women and/or the Ad Feminam mentoring scheme.