This section gives you information about signing up to our wide range of courses for University staff. 

To find a course, go to the course listings page and follow the sign-up instructions on the individual course pages. Courses are also listed by topic. For all enquiries please contact Services.

Our courses

We offer more than 50 courses in a range of areas, including:

Learning and Teaching | Leadership and Management | Personnel | Researchers and research support | Personal development | New staff | Interpersonal and written communication

Course formats

Our courses are offered either:

  • face-to-face;
  • online; or
  • blended (a mixture of face-to-face and online)

The format of our courses is included in the A-Z listings. 

Many online courses are hosted on, an online service offering a range of learning opportunities.


Courses are free for all university and college staff.

Compulsory courses

Almost all courses are optional.

However, the Recruitment and Selection course is compulsory for anyone chairing a selection panel, and we recommend it to anyone organising recruitment or taking part in selection.

College staff involved in undergraduate admissions are usually required to take the course in undergraduate admissions interviewing.