Professional development consultancy

Bespoke development support – tailored for your context and needs

The professional development team recognises the highly pressured and complex environments in which many of our managers are operating.  Alongside our offer of programmes and workshops, we also provide an internal consultancy to help University managers work through management challenges.

What sort of things can I get support with?

Where we have the availability and relevant expertise, we can work with you on:

  • Working out where the organisational or people development priorities are for your team/department and designing an action plan
  • Planning for change and engaging your team at times of change
  • Planning team events and workshops
  • Strengthening teams cohesion and working relationships 

How does the professional development consultancy work?

Your divisional Professional Development (PD) lead will meet with you to learn about your context, challenges and objectives.  Together you will explore relevant models, options and approaches, and plan next steps.  To find out who your PD Adviser is, please visit our About us page.

Your PD Adviser will provide ongoing support where needed.  This can include one-to-one meetings, designing workshops or facilitating team sessions.

Some managers will meet with their PD Adviser to gain insights into team dynamics, or change principles.   Others will use time with their PD adviser to reflect, talk through and firm up ideas before finalising strategies and plans.  PD Advisers can support with designing staff events you or your team need to deliver, and on occasion, we can facilitate team planning or problem-solving sessions to allow you to step back from the role of 'Chair'.  Subject to availability, we can design and deliver tailored workshops to address specific team needs, or we can signpost you to tried-and-tested external suppliers where appropriate. 

PD Advisers can bring a helpful external perspective and challenge to your thinking.  Our starting point is to recognise and value your expertise and insights on your area, and we are keen to explore how you can best leverage existing team strengths to achieve your goals.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring an open mind to our work together.  To provide effective consultancy support, we need to fully explore desired outcomes, and consider potential blockers and diversions.  This means we won’t deliver on a wish list of training courses, but rather, will work with you to understand what you would like to see changed, where the pressure points are, and what a realistic solution might look like.

Some types of support, e.g. Myers Briggs Type Indicator (personality profiling useful for team building and communications) carry associated costs.

How do I apply?

Contact your OLI divisional PD Adviser directly, or get in touch with our PD Administrative Officer, who will be happy to help.