About us

We support excellence in learning, teaching, research and professional services at Oxford by promoting and facilitating staff development.

The courses we offer are mostly designed by us to suit the culture and structures of the University. In addition, we work with divisions and departments to support them by offering bespoke support for managers and teams tailored to their needs.

The Oxford Learning Institute is broadly split into two areas:

Teaching and learning

We support teaching and learning by:

  • Leading accredited programmes for new and experienced teachers at the University
  • Developing teaching networks and hosting events
  • Creating Oxford-specific online courses in teaching
  • Providing teaching and learning consultancy on request to departments, faculties and course teams
  • Working with other groups across the University (Academic IT, Disability Advisory Service, Education Policy Support, divisions)

For more information about who to contact within the teaching and learning team please view our page.

Professional development

We support staff development by:

  • Providing staff development consultancy and tailored support to divisions, departments/faculties and teams
  • Deliver a range of leadership and management programmes and workshops
  • Design and delivery of personal effectiveness programmes and individual workshops
  • Design and host a range of online courses which can be accessed on demand
  • Facilitating coaching and mentoring networks across the university
  • Creating links with external providers

For more information about who to contact for bespoke support or queries within the PD team please view our page.