Advice for new members of academic staff

New colleagues often find they have a lot to discover about how Oxford works during their first few weeks here. We hope these shortcuts will serve to point you in the right direction to find the answer to at least some of your questions, and to help you begin to settle in to your new role.

An Oxford Glossary (413kb) has been produced with the needs of new members of the University particularly in mind. It includes the terminology peculiar to Oxford, and outlines some of the University of Oxford's customs and key regulations.

Introduction to academic practice at Oxford - this is the Oxford Learning Institute's induction programme for new academic staff.

If you wish to find out more about teaching in the Oxford context you may find something of interest in the Learning Institute's Course List - by topic (Learning and teaching). Alternatively, we also offer more sustained Teaching Development Programmes according to your level of prior experience and current engagement in teaching activities.

If you expect to be involved in Undergraduate Admissions during your first year in post, you will need to find out about the Learning Institute's online training course, and make time to complete it promptly. For further guidance consult your college Tutor for Admissions, or Admissions Officer.

Oxford Learning Institute support is not confined to matters of teaching; there are also seminars and programmes for academic leaders, researchers, managers, etc. See Programmes and resources.

Mentoring (149kb) - overview of mentoring for academic staff in the University. This document sets out some of the practice in this area and makes recommendations for making the best use of the mentoring support which is available.

The Learning Institute's Research Supervision website offers information on Oxford policy and practice, ideas and tools for good supervision, and brief summaries of some findings of research into doctoral education.

A wide range of information and guidance about the University's personnel policies and procedures is available on the Personnel services website. There are specific sections for academic staff and for managers, which may be particularly useful to new academics.

Equality and diversity - find out more about the University's Equality and Diversity Unit and learn about the University's policies in this area.

The Bodleian Libraries

A List of Subject Librarians is available. New members of academic staff may find it helpful to introduce themselves to the appropriate Subject Librarian who will be happy to introduce them to Library services and to provide support for any teaching and research activities. Requests for book purchases and relating to reading lists may also be directed to the subject librarians.

Academics new to Oxford may find particularly useful the Workshops in Information Skills and Electronic Resources (WISER). These regular workshops offer general topics, including overviews of electronic resources and current awareness services, as well as subject-specific sessions.

The Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) is a permanent and secure online archive of research materials produced by members of the University of Oxford.

  • As an author you may use ORA for the preservation and dissemination of your research publications and it can provide the means for compliance with research funders’ open access policies.
  • As a supervisor you should know that ORA is the home of Oxford digital theses. See also Submitting the thesis and the e-thesis (202kb).