It is possible to consider the day-to-day responsibility of academic leadership as involving the interconnected tasks of managing people, overseeing budgets and funding, and planning. Here, we provide signposts to practical information about these three themes.

Personnel issues

The Personnel Services website contains information related to leading academic staff:

Academic leaders will need and wish to address matters of equality and diversity, and can view Integrated Equality Policy Integrated Equality Policy

Finance issues

The primary source of information within Oxford is the University’s Finance Office. Guidance relating to everyday, crucial matters, such as full economic costs (FEC) , non-research projects and insurance is offered. The generic financial regulations will also be of interest.

Heads will need to be aware of the national context for allocating funding to higher education. TRAC (‘Transparent Approach to Costing’) has, since 2000, been the standard methodology used by the 165 higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK for costing their main activities (teaching, research, and other core activity). Overview of TRAC for senior managers and academics provides HEFCE’s introduction to TRAC (in Section A), and a summary of its main features (in section B). This is intended to be helpful to those in higher education institutions and elsewhere who are not directly responsible for implementing TRAC, but who need a high-level understanding of what TRAC is, why it is being implemented, and its costs, benefits, and implications for their work. HEFCE provides guidance concerning the broad principles and methods behind its allocation of funding to universities and colleges.

Planning and resource allocation

The Planning and Resource Allocation section provides the background information that heads and other academic leaders may wish to draw upon. The Planning Framework provides an overview of the annual planning and resource allocation cycle process; and the Planning Timetable a summary of the key dates. The Resource Allocation area of the website explains the various aspects of how funding is allocated to different parts of the collegiate University. The relevant committee and sub-committee structures are outlined, Planning and Resource Allocation Committee.