Induction for Heads of Department and Faculty Board Chairs

The Institute co-ordinates an annual programme of induction and development for new Heads and Faculty Board Chairs.

The programme is open to:

  • All newly appointed Heads of Department and Faculty Board Chair;
  • Deputy Heads or Chairs who will be taking up the role over the next one to two years;
  • Current Heads and Chairs, who would welcome further support in their role;
  • Heads of autonomous Research Centres and Statutory Professors with responsibilities equivalent to those of a Head of Department
  • Heads of Sub-Units in academic departments and faculties

The programme aims to enable new Heads and Chairs quickly to familiarise themselves with the key aspects of the role; to understand ‘how to get things done’ at Oxford; to identify the sources of support available to them; and to begin to work on their most pressing issues.

The programme for 2016-17 offers input and support on:

  • The strategic context of leading departments and faculties at Oxford
  • Governance and decision making structures
  • Planning and resource allocation
  • Personnel: reward, recognition and retention strategies
  • Key aspects of personnel policy and practice
  • Recruitment and selection and immigration legislation and policy
  • Risk managment and information security

Further workshops can be arranged to meet the needs of participants.

For further information, please contact the Head of Professional Development, Sharon Neal or the Professional Development Administrator.