Academic leadership development programme

The Academic leadership development programme (ALDP) is for academics who have successfully completed their probation and whose research is now well-established so that they have the capacity possibly to broaden the role that they play. ALDP explores academic leadership at Oxford and seeks, in particular, to encourage the participation of those from demographic groups currently under-represented in leadership roles at Oxford, including women and those from ethnic minorities. All applicants must have the support of their Head of Department or Chair of Faculty Board, or equivalent.

ALDP commences with a two-day workshop, which is then followed by three half-day workshops spread across the academic year. These are timed to take place out of term. In addition to attendance at these events, participants are expected to undertake a short project relevant to the exploration of academic leadership, and to attend the meetings of at least one decision-making body.

ALDP explores ‘how things work at Oxford’ and the way academic leadership shapes this. Participants have the opportunity to hear from those who have already made significant contributions to leadership and from those who have insights into specific areas of expertise that underpin effective leadership.

Women academics may find the Ad Feminam mentoring programme an effective complementary programme to ALDP.

All applicants must have the support of their head of department or equivalent. Application is via an online questionnaire which will be available through the Learning Institute website in July of each year. You are invited to express an early interest to Clare Wakeham if you wish to be notified when the application process is open.