Developing Management Skills at Oxford

Programme overview

This programme introduces participants to practical skills in, and knowledge about, management, and is aimed primarily at ‘first-line managers’ – that is, staff with management responsibilities, where the staff they manage do not themselves manage any other staff. Participants may be fairly new to their management role and/or not had any previous management training. Such staff may not always be formally acknowledged as managers (e.g. in their job titles), but will recognise that some, if not all, of their work involves managing people, resources, tasks, processes or projects.

This programme is for:

  • A broad range of staff groups in the university with management responsibilities; participants will typically be first-line managers of administrative, technical, ancillary and research teams.

The programme is delivered principally through a series of three full-day workshops held at the Learning Institute, and some individual work inbetween each workshop. It is important that applicants should be able to commit themselves to attending all three workshops and completing the work outside of the workshops.

The programme is offered termly, with a maximum of 24 participants per term.

Learning objectives/outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • have an awareness of personal style and preference and be confident in using that understanding to manage their own contribution and that of others;
  • have an awareness of the characteristics of high performing teams and an understanding of the role of the manager in enabling team and individual achievement;
  • be confident in adapting management style to achieve desired impact and outcomes;
  • have practised the key skills of setting out expectations, delegating, agreeing objectives, reviewing achievement and steering future performance;
  • be confident in developing people to achieve potential and in tackling underperformance;
  • have practised essential communication skills including assertiveness and influencing to achieve desired outcomes;
  • have practised key behaviours involved in leading a team through change successfully; and
  • have recognised the importance of equality and diversity and be confident in what they need to do to create and maintain an inclusive working environment.

Application criteria

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. being currently employed by the University or by a college of the University; and
  2. having current or recent experience of acting in a management role; and
  3. currently holding a post where they are line-managing others or are responsible for achieving through the contribution of others, even if they do not line-manage those individuals;
  4. demonstrate a readiness to develop their confidence and capability as a manager to enhance their practice and/or to develop their career plan; and
  5. having the practical support of their own line-manager/supervisor including as follows –
    • willingness to grant for time away from standard duties to attend workshops and complete self-directed work inbetween workshops
    • provision of opportunities to practise skills learned on the course
    • use of departmental IT facilities, and support through mentoring or coaching.

Applying for a place

In order to ensure that the University makes the best use of this resource, in a fair competitive process, nominations for places are to be put forward by individuals with supporting statements from their line-managers/supervisors. These will then be considered in a ‘gathered field’ by a panel comprising UAS/ASUC Senior Officers, colleagues from academic divisions and OLI staff.

For further information on applying for a place or registering your interest please visit the programme applications page.