The Learning Institute coordinates and supports a range of mentoring schemes within the collegiate University. These schemes vary according to their purpose and context: some are designed by departments themselves, others as part of an Institute learning programme (such as the Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and Springboard) and still others are aimed at those in particular roles (e.g. new academics and those in management roles) across the University.

Departments develop their own schemes either for specific groups of staff (e.g. research staff) or for all within the department. The Oxford Learning Institute has developed in consultation with departments, guidance on setting up a mentoring scheme which you can access from the documents section in the right-hand menu.

The further information below provides an overview of specific mentoring schemes that the Institute supports. The information may be of use and interest because it is directly relevant to you as a potential or existing mentor or 'mentee' on a specific scheme; or it may be that you are considering how to develop mentoring within a particular context, in which case these resources may offer different models to consider.

The following programmes contain a mentoring component:

Ad Feminam

Ad Feminam explores the role of focused mentoring in addressing the under-representation of women in academic and administrative leadership positions at Oxford. Mentoring in this context is intended to encourage women to explore their leadership potential within academic life, or within an administrative career, for example as leaders of departments and divisions or in university governance.  


Springboard is a personal development programme for women. The mentoring scheme is available for participants following the end of the formal programme.

Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Each PG DipLATHE course participant chooses or is allocated a ‘Teaching Mentor’,  usually a colleague with experience of teaching in a cognate discipline in Oxford. Teaching Mentors are integral to the course and have a significant part to play in supporting participants. The PG DipLATHE document provides guidance relating to the Teaching Mentor role.

There are also mentoring schemes associated with specific roles:

New academics

Academics new to Oxford are offered mentoring with an established Oxford staff member (usually an academic) and often (but not always) in a senior capacity, to serve as a ‘sounding board’, ‘information source’, ‘critical friend’ or even ‘career guide’. The document for new academics offers guidance for the new academic about how they might make good use of such an opportunity.

Leaders and managers

The Institute has developed a Management and Leadership Development Strategy, and provides a suite of programmes aimed at leaders and managers at different levels. Mentoring and coaching are both used to support leaders and managers who may or may not be on any of these programmes. The leaders and managers document outlines how the scheme works and talks about the prinicples of good mentoring practice and the roles of both mentor and 'mentee'.