Gender equality

The University's Equality and Diversity webpages:

  • provide information on the legal framework for gender equality
  • describe Oxford's gender equality scheme
  • give regular updates on progress against the scheme - view the 2010 progress report.

Female colleagues can also sign up to the Oxford Women's Network.

Oxford's International Gender Studies Centre exists to advance research on gender, culture and development.

The Equality Challenge Unit promotes equality and diversity in higher education and has materials on gender on its website.

The national Equality and Human Rights Commission website has resources on gender and on the pay gap between men and women. 

Online courses 

Unconscious bias

This online course provides an introduction to understanding the subject and its relevance to working life.

Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity is an online course hosted by the Oxford Learning Institute on behalf of the Equality and Diversity Unit and published by external company, Marshall ACM. It is designed to help you reflect on equality and diversity issues as they affect you in your role at the University. 

Undergraduate admissions

The Learning Institute and the Oxford Colleges Admissions Office have created an online course on undergraduate admissions. The course contains advice on good practice in admissions and materials on equality of opportunity in admissions. It can be accessed by anyone with a Single Sign-On account between July and December each year.