Personal development review

Many staff find it helpful to set aside some time at intervals for a discussion with a mentor or colleague about how they might develop their careers. The Institute offers support to departments and individuals in introducing 'PDR' schemes to suit their needs and based on principles agreed by the University's Personnel Committee.

To find out if your department has a PDR scheme, contact your departmental administrator. If your department already has a scheme, you should be able to find the relevant forms on your department’s website (for example, UAS forms can currently be found on the UAS Personnel website for PDR. The forms shown in the Related items column on the right-hand side of this page are sample forms only, designed to show different approaches used across the university and to help departments to develop their schemes.

Support for PDR

The Institute has produced a set of guidelines and resources for departmental administrators who are seeking to introduce new schemes or update existing schemes and for those undertaking reviews, whether as the reviewer (the manager) or the reviewee (the person whose review it is).

The Institute also supports the implementation of PDR by providing advice and guidance for administrators and training for reviewers and reviewees.

If you would like to discuss other ways that the Institute might be able to support your implementation of PDR – for example, through specific skills training please contact Bill Dunn.