Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice

The Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice was one of the Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETLs) funded by HEFCE. The Centre started work in September 2005 and ran for five years before closing in September 2010. The unit was hosted by the Oxford Learning Institute, and was linked closely with the University's and the Institute’s strategies and objectives. An extensive summary of the Centre's work and activities is available at CETLrecord.

The Centre's work focused on supporting postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers who wish to develop academic careers. This approach sought to define and explain the essential elements of academic practice, and the various forms that academic activities might take. The Centre conducted and promoted research into this subject area, and established a Network, comprising seven research-intensive UK universities, to channel research efforts and to assist with the dissemination of findings. The research projects funded by the Centre have been collated and restructured to provide a set of resources for doctoral students, which is now available on the Apprise website.

Within the University of Oxford, the Centre played a significant role in channelling HEFCE funds to support programmes to help postgraduate research students and research staff who wished to teach. These schemes were integrated at Divisional and Departmental level with other skills development activities, to help give future academic practitioners a broad foundation from which to launch their careers. These programmes continue today.

The Oxford CETL also organised four international conferences covering various aspects of academic practice.

Browse the activities section for information on skills, courses and other activities relating to academic practice at the University of Oxford and elsewhere. During the CETL, these activities included a series of events run jointly with Higher Education Academy Subject Centres, which focus on academic careers in particular disciplinary areas.