playlists is an online learning resource provided by IT Services, offering a range of online learning materials on personal and professional development topics in addition to the technical IT topics promoted by IT Services. The entire range of resources is available to staff in the collegiate University and can be accessed through Single Sign-On. Please note that some resources refer to employment practice based on US and not UK legislation - if in doubt, please check with your HR team.


Here at the Learning Institute we have identified a number of courses that we think could be of value to staff across the collegiate University. Our selection is based on the requests and feedback we receive from staff who take part in our provision. The courses and materials that we think may be useful to you are grouped into the themed playlists below, so that you can find related materials and courses easily and browse on a topic.

We are always pleased to hear recommendations on resources from colleagues. Please email Learning Services to let us know of any resources that you have found useful and would recommend to colleagues.


Project Management Essentials

A guide to the fundamentals of project management for those who are new to managing projects or for those who already manage projects but want to check their approach against accepted good practice.

Difficult conversations 

Try 'Having difficult conversations' for a good grounding in how to handle a range of difficult conversations with staff. If your difficult conversations are more likely to be with colleagues and peers, perhaps Kofman's 'Managing conflict' may be more appropriate. 


Do you need to communicate how you feel and what you think more clearly? Being assertive means having respect for your own needs and for those of others, and communicating this in a way that shows this respect. But how do you do this?

Presentation skills

Presentation Fundamentals takes you through the basics of creating and delivering confident presentations. Designing a presentation focuses on how to design slides that catch the eye and get across your key points. 

Working with challenging behaviour

This selection focuses on those occasions when you are faced with dealing with challenging behaviour from your customers, or your manager, your team or your colleagues. Select the course that best meets your needs.


Influencing others plays a significant part in leadership, especially in higher education where weight of argument is often a more valued currency than other forms of persuasion. It is also an important skills for those who manage projects as they often have to get things done with limited authority.

Emotions and resilience at work

This playlist looks at the impact of emotions at work and how to develop an awareness of self and others in order to engage positively with colleagues. It also supports those seeking to better understand and manage the pressures of work and their reactions to these pressures.

Time Management Tips

Managing your time has never been more challenging. In our increasingly digital world, many of us struggle to manage the flow of information and requests. Released week by week, in bite-sized sections, this online resource looks at the most common challenges in managing your time in a digital world and offers a range of tips and techniques to use.

Speed Reading Fundamentals

This popular course introduces proven techniques and strategies that help increase the reading rate and improve comprehension and retention of information.

Managing your manager

Managing your manager is for anyone who is interested in building a more effective working relationship with their line manager, supervisor, other senior colleagues and peers. The course looks at how you can better understand your manager’s world, their needs and expectations and how you can use that awareness to bridge any gaps between you and to build a productive working relationship.