Personal development review

The Learning Institute works with individual departments to introduce personal development review or 'PDR' schemes for academic-related, support and research staff consistent with Oxford's values and institutional structures.

All schemes are based on a set of principles agreed by the University's Personnel Committee.

To find out if your department has a PDR scheme, contact your departmental administrator.

Support for PDR

The Institute has produced a set of  guidelines for departmental administrators who are seeking to introduce new schemes or update existing schemes.

If you review staff under an existing PDR scheme, or are being reviewed as part of your PDR scheme, you may find the PDR handbook for reviewers useful. The handbook sets out the key processes involved in PDR and outlines some of the key skills.

If you would like a printed copy of the handbook or require further information, contact Liisa Worrall.

If you would like to discuss other ways that the Institute might be able to support your implementation of PDR – for example, through specific skills training please contact Bill Dunn.