Research at the Oxford Learning Institute

The Oxford Learning Institute undertakes a research-informed approach to its support of excellence in learning, teaching and research at the University of Oxford. Members of the Institute maintain links with research colleagues (lecturers, research staff and doctoral students) elsewhere in the University, in other UK universities and abroad. These collaborations inform policy formation in relation to the work of the Institute and the University. Furthermore, they ensure familiarity with relevant research and demonstrate beyond the University the research-informed approach underlying the Institute's work. To this end, each of the two groups which comprise the Oxford Learning Institute have their own particular research focus:

  • The Educational Development Group engages in research on learning, teaching and assessment in higher education as well as academics’ learning and thinking about teaching. Their research informs the content and format of the courses they offer to academics, as well as broader university policy and practice.
  • The Professional Development Group engages in evaluative enquiry into the experience of participants on their programmes, including that of specific staff groups, using the findings to inform future development and delivery. In addition, members of the Professional Development Group untertake research, most recently into the development of Principal Investigators and the role of Faculty Board Chairs.

Further details on specific research projects currently being undertaken can be found at Current projects.