Annual report 2016-17

Who we are

The Oxford Learning Institute is the University’s staff training department.

We work with academic divisions, departments and faculties across the University to provide training and to support learning that will enable our staff to succeed, thereby contributing to the achievement of the University’s goals.

How we work

We are organised into two teams; educational development (referred to here as ED and covering teaching and learning) and professional development (referred to here as PD and covering leadership and management development and transferable skills provision).


  • Have expertise in leadership, teaching and learning, management development and transferable skills
  • Design and encourage the use of a variety of ways to learn, including online, face-to-face and on-the-job learning
  • Support local learning and change initiatives and can provide consultancy and bespoke solutions
  • Work in partnership with other learning providers in the University (e.g. IT Services, HR, Careers, Finance, Safety and academic divisions) to streamline and publicise learning opportunities
  • Prioritise what we do in collaboration with academic divisions, departments and faculties

Our priorities are set by a number of institutional strategic statements/bodies including the University’s:

  • Current Strategic Plan
  • Education Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Athena SWAN action plan
  • Race Equality Charter action plan
  • HR Excellence in Research action plan (for early career researchers)
  • People Strategy
  • Strategy for postgraduate research student development
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Annual HR Audit
  • Staff survey

Our medium-term priorities emerging from these action plans are:

  1. Review of all our provision against institutional strategic priorities
  2. Facilitating leadership and management development for all staff groups
  3. The enhancement of teaching and learning
  4. Initiatives to enable the career development of prioritised staff groups (women, BME staff, early career researchers)
  5. Promoting access to and improving the quality of PDR and other career review conversations for all staff
  6. Applying the apprenticeship levy to deliver professional qualifications in prioritised skills areas for staff in the University
  7. Developing/offering online learning to maximise resource and reach a wider audience
  8. Working in partnership with other learning providers to deliver agreed, prioritised learning opportunities to staff

Download the full version of the Annual Report 2016-17 (647kb) .