Professional Development

The Professional Development Group offers staff development opportunities for all university staff, with a particular focus on management and leadership development and transferable personal effectiveness skills. Each member of the Professional Development Group is also aligned to a Division or area of the University, and is a first point of contact for all requests for tailored work for their Division or area. The tailored work we can support includes facilitation of away days, team/group review or planning sessions, support in commissioning/brokering training solutions from other internal or external providers, bespoke training and development sessions and support with change initiatives.

Group members are linked to Divisions and areas as follows:

For more information about the professional development Group or about tailored support, contact Sharon Neal, Head of Professional Development.

Educational Development

The Educational Development Group (EDG) supports efforts to improve teaching in the collegiate university. At the individual level, teaching development support is offered through three main pathways designed for university teachers at different stages of their careers. At the group level (e.g. programmes, departments, colleges) support for teaching is offered through bespoke workshops, facilitated conversations or tailored consultations on teaching, research supervision, learning support, curriculum, or assessment. At the institutional level, the group responds to requests for advice on teaching and learning matters and members serve on various University committees.

Each member of the Educational Development Group is aligned to a Division or area of the University, and is a first point of contact for all requests for tailored work for their Division or area.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Julia Horn, 01865 (2)86812
  • Medical Sciences and MPLS: Anne Crook, 01865 (2)86822
  • UAS, Continuing Education and Colleges: Julia Horn, 01865 (2)86812
  • Clare Wakeham is carrying out a review of educational and leadership development, on secondment from the Professional Development Group: Clare Wakeham, 01865 (2)86811

Members of the group are also engaged in research on learning, teaching and assessment in higher education.

For more information about the Educational Development Group or about tailored support, contact Julia Horn, Acting Head of Educational Development.

Services Team

The Services Team provide administrative support for the Institute's programme of seminars and courses. They also book participants on to Institute seminars, provide help and advice to university staff with course enquiries, provide information on external training courses and consultancy services and maintain the Institute's library of resources.